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Mechanical Engineering at the MIT - Kundapura has a long and compelling history. The foundations of the department were laid by outstanding scientists and professors. A reputation was gained early on for independent teaching and original research in a number of distinct areas. The response to these initiatives in research and education was remarkable. Many Engineers from industry raised mechanical engineering to a technological science. They showed an extraordinary talent for solving engineering problems by applying theoretical insights alongside his extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering.
Engineers are in demand. According to a survey, 55 % of businesses are expecting demand for employment to continue to rise till 2025. Mechanical engineering is the branch with the most engineers and the demand for them is rising all the time. This is a long-term development, brought on by demand, rather than a cyclical phenomenon. New positions need to be created. Given the increasing degree of mechanization in just about every area of life, additional demand is arising for specialists – not just in the development sector but in the service sector as well.
Now, more than ever, the success of a business depends on the drive for cost-effective and innovative product development. New markets must be taken over quickly. Creativity is required just as much as the technical basics. Nowadays, competition is world-wide and new benchmarks are being set all the time. To ensure that products developed in India are consistently ready for international markets, it is essential to get right the process of meeting the customer’s requirements with innovative and cost-effective products..
Working as a team and closely with the customer, they realize successful outcomes from the ideas stage right through to the finished product. The mechanical engineer can expect to carry out a wide range of tasks from development to recycling. In the course of their studies they’ll acquire knowledge and skills to help them develop ideas, analyze problems and propose solutions.
Engineers are playing a fundamental role here. They are trendsetters who create products and technologies for human requirements. Engineers evaluate economic and ecological facts, communicate with professionals in other technical disciplines, are customer-oriented and used to thinking in terms of business. They are aware of sales and marketing opportunities and work internationally.
Mission Statement :The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Moodlakatte Institute of Technoloy – Kundapura offers
  • undergraduate and graduate education of the highest quality in mechanical engineering,
  • conducts significant basic and applied research in selected areas, and
  • provides professional service to various industries around Kundapura and Udupi District.
Values :The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the MIT - Kundapura places high value on:
  • Research at the highest level of quality and integrity.
  • Holistic education of undergraduate and graduate students at the highest level.
  • Support of industry in Udupi District and the nation.
  • Service to our profession and the University.
  • Engagement in public affairs.
  • Atmosphere of respect and collegiality among faculty, students and staff.
  • International awareness and leadership.
Vision :The Department’s vision is to become the best mechanical engineering department in the country in our areas of emphasis. These areas of emphasis are selected topics within:
  • Energy and Transportation Research,
  • Biomechanical Engineering and Human Health,
  • Environmental Engineering,
as well as
  • Graduate Education, and
  • Undergraduate Education.
Laboratories in mechanical engineering department:
  • Workshop practice laboratory
  • Computer aided engineering drawing
  • Computer aided machine drawing
  • Foundry and forging laboratory
  • Fluid mechanics laboratory
  • Machine shop
  • Heat and mass transfer laboratory
  • Energy conversion laboratory
  • Metallography and material testing laboratory
  • Design laboratory
  • Mechanical measurements and metrology laboratory
"The breadth of mechanical engineering is unique," So we students of MITK organized the Mechanical Forum “INCEPTIVE” on 31st August 2015 which was inaugurated by our beloved principal Dr. Shubha.P.Bhat ,P.R.O. Mr. Abdul Rahiman and our mechanical HOD Prof. Krishna Prasad (Ph.D), under the guidance of Prof. Thimmappa and Prof. Jayaram Rao who were the main source of our encouragement . It’s our pleasure that Mr. Sandesh was elected as president and Mr. Rollan Almeida as secretary.
After the inauguration ceremony, oath taking ceremony was conducted where every student pledged to be a honest engineer towards his duty and the society.
Through our forum Inceptive, we are going to conduct academic and co-curricular activities like workshops on recent technologies, seminars, industrial tours, government training programs, blood donation camps, spell B, quiz competitions and much more. We are also interested to form cricket, badminton, volleyball and football club. We came up with special training classes to improve the technical abilities like CATIA, Hyper mesh, AUTOCAD and project designing classes.
Conducted Catia V5 Course for 5th and 7th Sem students in collaboration with M/s Manjunath Design Solutions.
Day & Time 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM 11:00 AM to 11:15 AM 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM 12:15 PM to 01:00 PM 01:00 PM to 01:50 PM 01:50 PM to 02:40 PM 02:40 PM to 02:50 PM 02:50 PM to 03:40 PM 03:40 PM to 04:30 PM
Sl. No. Name Qualifications Designation Photo Profile
1 Krishna Prasad R B.E., M.Tech.(CIM), M.Tech.(PDM), (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor & Incharge HOD View View
2 B Jayarama Rao B.E., M.Tech. Professor View View
3 Vishwanath Dinakar B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
4 Basavaraj B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
5 Uday Naik DME, B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
6 Ramesh Naik B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
7 Vinaykumar S Shet B.E., (M.Tech.) Assistant Professor View View
8 G Shruthi B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
9 Ramya A B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
10 Gopal Kharvi B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
10 Geetha M S B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
10 Prashantha B.E., M.Tech. Assistant Professor View View
11 Thimmappa D S B.E., (M.Tech.) Assistant Professor View View